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Lightforce Black Fascia LC200

Lightforce Black Fascia LC200


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You can never have enough switch locations! That’s why Lightforce has designed the latest switch fascia suitable for the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series models from 2007 onwards. This Lightforce Switch Fascia gives you the flexibility to add switches for numerous accessories allowing for seamless integration within the dash, so you have control at your fingertips.

We have designed this fascia so the factory switches can be located in any of the six upper switch locations without any modification, giving you the flexibility to arrange them to suit your particular needs.

For owners of 2007-2016 Toyota Landcruiser VX and Sahara models, we have designed an OPTIONALreplacement plug and play mirror switch and harness that connects directly to the factory mirror switch connector, giving you full use of the auto-folding mirror option. You can purchase it here.

Placement of the five additional switch locations has been optimised to maximise their visibility.

With our extensive range of single and dual Lightforce switches, including custom switches, you can now control up to ten accessories without cluttering or altering your dashboard.

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