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Lightforce LED Interior Light Upgrade Kit

Lightforce LED Interior Light Upgrade Kit


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LED Interior Light Upgrade kit to suit Toyota 60-70 Series Landcruiser.

COB (Chips On Board) is the latest technology in packaging LEDs together to produce a combined light source, resulting in a very broad and uniform light being emitted over 180°.

With a colour temperature of 4300k (natural white), this COB panel produces increased light output (nearly 4 times the standard 10W bulb) without compromising on light quality.

This direct replacement COB (Chips On Board) interior light has been designed exclusively to be compatible with and fit the existing interior light fixture of Toyota 60 and 70 series vehicles manufactured from October 1981 to current. This replacement COB panel is compatible with 20 models spanning over 36 years of production.

It is suitable for the following Toyota vehicles:

  • FJ60 FJ62 HJ60 HJ61 – Wagon (located near tailgate)
  • FJ75 HJ75 FZJ75 HZJ75 FZJ79 HZJ79 HDJ79 VDJ79 – Single cab
  • FJ75 HJ75 FZJ75 HZJ75 FZJ78 HZJ78 HDJ78 VDJ78 – Troop Carrier (located near barn doors)

This replaces the standard dull factory 10W festoon bulb without any modifications to the interior light fixture. Using the existing festoon connection, resulting in increased light output and reduce current draw. In comparison, a standard 31mm long halogen festoon bulb generates 10 watts of power, produces 120 lumens of light and consumes 0.83 Amps @12v (reference Osram P# 6438).

In comparison, a standard 28mm long halogen festoon generates 3 watts of power, produces 29 lumens of light and consumes 0.25 Amps @12v (reference Osram P# 6428). The standard filament bulb generates 6 watts of power, produces 85 lumens of light and consumes 0.5 Amps @12V (reference Toshiba P# 12V6W XE T10).

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm
Make Model Year
Toyota LandCruiser 78 Troop Carrier VDJ Plastic Dash 2009 - 2022
Toyota LandCruiser 78 Troop Carrier VDJ Steel Dash 2007 - 2009