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Snatch Ring Mean Mother 10T

Snatch Ring Mean Mother 10T


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A Snatch Ring /Wheel reduces the load placed on a winch when performing a recovery or to avoid damage when changing the direction of the cable.
Attach the ring to an appropriately rated recovery accessories such as tree trunk protector or extension strap. Connection should be made using rated Soft Shackle through the eyelet in the ring.

10,000kg capacity, Heavy Duty Solid T6 Aluminium Construction.

* Suitable for Use with Soft Shackles and Synthetic Winch Rope Recovery
* Convenient, Quick Fitting, Durable but Light-weight
* Maintenance Free Design
* 4” Solid T6 Aluminium Construction
* Suits Rope Diameter 8-14mm (5/16”-9/16”)
* 10,000kg (22,046lb) Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)
* 20,000kg (44,092lb) Breaking Strength
* Weight: 378g


MM tip icon BEFORE USE: Snatch ring increase the pulling capacity by 1.5 times for each snatch block used. When using a snatch ring your line pull speed is reduced.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm