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Torqit ModuleMap Remote Remap for VDJ70 Series Landcruiser

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Torqit ModuleMap Remote Remap for VDJ70 Series Landcruiser

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Product Description



Access the full potential of your 79 Series Dual Cab Landcruiser with Torqit’s fast, powerful ECU programming solution – ModuleMap. Remotely tuned by Torqit’s software technicians, ModuleMap safely calibrates and optimises your vehicle’s factory settings from the comfort of your driveway.

  • Boost power and torque for an overall increase in performance
  • Choose between three tunes instead of one permanent tune
  • Return your vehicle to stock performance at any time
  • Install in less than 30 minutes with simple plug-in software, and let Torqit’s software technicians do the rest
  • Keep your Landcruiser safe and reliable with a tune that does not exceed the safety parameters or push it beyond its limits

Instead of being locked into one permanent tune, Torqit’s ModuleMap gives you three tunes for total control over your vehicle’s performance.

  • Cruise mode: ideal for everyday driving and towing heavy loads
  • Sport mode: gives you maximum power and torque
  • Standard Mode: a copy of the ECU, which returns your 79 Series to stock performance

Each tune is completely customised to your vehicle’s modifications, such as tyres, snorkel, weight and more. Feel the instant increase in power and torque, and get rid of sluggish performance with the ultimate ModuleMap solution – powerful, flexible, and safe. All backed by a 5-year product warranty and an extensive dealer network to support you Australia-wide. 

Check out what this customer had to say after installing the ModuleMap on their vehicle.


Injection Quantity
Injection quantity is the amount of fuel delivered to an engine cylinder per power stroke.

Rail Pressure
The fuel rail sensor monitors the fuel pressure present at the fuel rail. Ensuring accurate and consistent fuel pressure is critical for maximum and consistent performance. This parameter can be adjusted to optimise atomisation.

Air Fuel Ratio
The air-to-fuel ratio is adjusted and optimised to safely match the desired boost level.

Turbo Boost Pressure
ModuleMap controls precise desired and actual turbo boost pressure across load points.

Injection Timing
ModuleMap controls the precise timing of when fuel is injected across all critical phases, whilst maintaining safety parameters.

Torque Targets
Torqit tuners create and sustain specific engine torque targets to maintain engine efficiency.

Exhaust Gas Temperatures
All ModuleMap tunes are written with a focus on working within the OEM exhaust gas temperatures.

Safety Parameters
Whilst adjusting all the above parameters, Torqit tuners ensure that all factory safety logic is maintained to guarantee the longevity of your vehicle.

If you have further questions, please check out Torqit’s ModuleMap FAQs.


Torqit’s 79 Series ModuleMap is a DIY solution that remotely tunes your vehicle from your own driveway. All you require is access to a laptop with a USB port and internet connection (note Mac laptops are not compatible), and Torqit will do the rest. You simply plug the device into your vehicle, download information from the ECU, and send it to our software technicians via Torqit’s ModuleMap portal. We then create custom files suited to the modifications on your Landcruiser, which we return through the portal for you to re-upload to your vehicle. The process on your end takes less than 30 minutes.

All communication with Torqit’s tuners is done via the ModuleMap portal. After your vehicle has been tuned, you can raise a support ticket within this portal at any time, free of charge.

The ModuleMap can be combined with additional products for the ultimate performance upgrade- read up on the top recommendations for the 79 Series here.


Torqit’s software technicians have 40+ years of experience in the performance tuning industry. All vehicle details such as tyre size, transmission, motor, fuel system, exhaust, kilometres etc. are taken into account to produce a safe, effective tune that does not compromise your vehicle’s reliability. We do not endorse cowboy tuning or pushing your vehicle beyond its safety parameters.

Find out more information on the safety of ModuleMap and remapping vs chipping your vehicle.


  • Significant power and torque increase
  • Vehicle-specific software customised to your modifications
  • Choose between two performance tunes- Cruise and Sport
  • Return your vehicle to stock performance at any time with a third Standard tune
  • Simple installation, remotely tuned by Torqit’s software technicians
  • No cutting or rewiring required
  • Access on-demand tech support via the ModuleMap Portal
  • Five-year product warranty

Note: If a dealership updates your vehicle’s ECU, this may cause your ModuleMap file to no longer work on the vehicle. You can advise the dealership not to perform a software update to your ECU, or simply reinstall the tune after the service.

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