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Torqit ModuleMap Remote Remap for VDJ70 Series Landcruiser

Torqit ModuleMap Remote Remap for VDJ70 Series Landcruiser


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The Torqit ModuleMap accesses your Landcruiser’s full potential with European race technology. A super-fast and powerful ECU programming tool, the ModuleMap allows you to calibrate and optimise your 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab, Landcruiser factory settings.

The ModuleMap is Australia’s newest solution to a complete and safe remap. This is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to optimise their vehicle’s peak performance.

It has safe, adjustable settings, which are based on the vehicle’s factory parameters and then enhanced to improve each vehicle platform. You will instantly notice the increase in power and torque.

The device comes equipped with three tuning modes for ultimate flexibility. Sport mode will provide more power and torque while towing, whereas Cruise mode is ideal for everyday driving. You can also select the vehicle’s standard tune so that settings can be returned to stock.

The ModuleMap package includes a complete trickle battery charger. This battery charger supplies automatic voltage stabilisation and current limit charging. Providing stable 12-volt power, it is perfect for charging boats, caravans and Jetskis.


Injection Quantity
This is the quantity of fuel delivered to an engine cylinder for each power stroke. By modifying this fuel amount, the ModuleMap is able to increase gas and boost pressure.

Injector Phase
Adjusts the injector cycle to be completed at the exact moment the intake valve starts to open. Fuel begins to evaporate before being sucked into the cylinder. This improves fuel economy and creates more power without raw fuel going into the exhaust.

Rail Pressure
The fuel rail sensor monitors the degree of fuel pressure at the fuel rail. Accurate and steady fuel pressure is essential for maximum and consistent performance. We can alter this parameter to optimise atomisation.

Power Limiters
Through the Torqit ModuleMap, these mechanisms can be raised or removed to generate greater performance.

Air Fuel Ratio
With ModuleMap, you can adjust and optimise the air to fuel ratio to safely suit the desired boost level, generating more energy output than the standard ratio.

Turbo Boost Pressure
This closed loop calculation defines the turbo boost and ratio of air entering the vehicle. This mapped parameter can be precisely controlled.

Injection Timing
Along with the rail pressure feature, this mechanism controls the amount of fuel provided to the engine cylinder’s time frame.

Smoke Limiter Maps
This parameter limits the quantity of fuel injected to control incomplete combustion, lessening black smoke and soot that would result. ModuleMap can control and disable this feature.

Fuel Load Increase & Decrease
Alters the amount of fuel to be added from the air/fuel mixture in cases where load is either increasing or decreasing, rather than a constant load situation or steady state.


With the Torqit ModuleMap, your vehicle can be remapped without having to take it to a tuning store. Provided you have a laptop or computer, you can complete the ModuleMap in as little as 30 minutes.

To fit the unit, all you have to do is plug it into the OBDII port, the placement of which varies according to the vehicle. Make sure to review your vehicle manual to identify its location.

The ModuleMap is live tuned by expert vehicle software technicians with over 40 years experience in the EFI performance tuning industry. This stand-out feature enables the unit to be tailored to aftermarket modifications including exhaust, tyres, snorkel and much more.


  • 5 year product warranty.
  • Software specific to your vehicle.
  • Add or remove remapped files easily.
  • Live tuning by vehicle software technicians.
  • Optimum tunes for heavy towing and everyday driving.
  • Plug and play installation with no cutting or rewiring.
  • Can be returned to OEM tune if required.


Please note, if your vehicles ECU is updated by a dealership this may cause your ModuleMap file to no longer work on the vehicle. To avoid this you can advise the dealership not to perform a software update to your ECU. If your ECU file is modified, we will need to reset your ModuleMap device and start from scratch again. This process will incur an additional charge.


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