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LC300 Australian Pricing Announced

Toyota Australia have confirmed pricing for the LandCruiser 300 which goes on sale in the fourth quarter of this year! In addition to the GX, GXL, VX and Sahara variants, Toyota…
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70th Year Limited Edition 70 Series

Toyota have announced the release of a limited edition 70 Series LandCruiser to mark the 70th year anniversary of the LandCruiser Legend.  The LandCruiser (originally named the Toyota BJ) was…
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300 Series LandCruiser Specs Leaked

With all the speculation and rumours on the new replacement for the 200 Series LandCruiser floating around the interwebs, it’s good to see some actual, factual information in the form…
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Clearview Next Gen Mirrors

Four years in the making have seen Clearview Towing Mirrors bring out their Next Gen range of towing mirrors. A more compact design makes them more appealing and more practical…
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What’s New?

We’re new! Well, at least our online store is. We’ve been building big cruisers now for a few years, but we know you want more! We know some of you…
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Torqit ModuleMap

What the hell is a ModuleMap I hear you say? It’s Torqit’s latest performance product and essentially a DIY ECU remapping tool that lets you change the map of your ECU whenever you like without taking it to a tuner.

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