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Prolink Bridle Winch Multi Shackle – Factor 55

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Prolink Bridle Winch Multi Shackle – Factor 55

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Product Description

Introducing the FACTOR 55 PROLINK Bridle – Your Ultimate Winching Enhancement

Upgrade your winching experience with the revolutionary PROLINK Bridle by FACTOR 55. Say goodbye to traditional winch hooks and welcome a safer, more robust solution – the screw pin shackle/D-ring. Engineered for excellence, this bridle is a game-changer for winch owners, especially those in the towing industry.

Designed with precision, the PROLINK Bridle offers a versatile, multi-shackle mounting system tailored for winch cables. Its purpose-driven design boasts three shackle mounting holes strategically positioned to accommodate a range of towing scenarios. Opt for fixed length bridle links in the outer holes for standard bridle towing or utilize the central shackle mount for conventional single shackle recovery, all while preventing potentially hazardous shackle side loading.

Safety is paramount, which is why the PROLINK Bridle facilitates Closed System Winching techniques. Its dedicated shackle mounting points ensure stability and eliminate shackle side loading risks, allowing you to tow with confidence. This bridle’s operation draws inspiration from fish plate towing techniques used in the ship towing industry, ensuring a stable and controlled towing experience even during high-repetition bridle towing.

Crafted in the USA from premium 6000 series billet aluminium, the PROLINK Bridle guarantees durability and strength. It features a 5/8-inch diameter Titanium double shear pin, measuring 4.5 inches in height, 5.25 inches in width, and with a base diameter of 3.5 inches. With a remarkable Working Load Limit of 16,000 pounds and an ultimate failure threshold exceeding 42,000 pounds, this bridle is built to excel under pressure.

Compatible with steel cables and synthetic ropes up to 3/8-inch diameter, the PROLINK Bridle comes complete with an EPDM “Rubber Guard.” This protective feature ensures your alloy Hawse fairleads are shielded and provides cushioning for line stowage, enhancing both safety and longevity.

For those seeking the best, the PROLINK Bridle is available exclusively in the Military Specification Anodising (Mil-A-8625 F Type III) hard anodised grey finish. Join the league of elite winching enthusiasts who demand excellence – choose the FACTOR 55 PROLINK Bridle.

Elevate your winching game today with the PROLINK Bridle – Engineered for Performance, Crafted for Safety, Made in the USA.

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