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Stainless Steel Snorkel Torqit VDJ70 LandCruiser

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Stainless Steel Snorkel Torqit VDJ70 LandCruiser


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Product Description


If you drive off-road, in rural areas or through deep water crossings, a properly functioning snorkel is a key addition to your 4WD. Torqit’s 79 Series Landcruiser 4”  stainless steel Snorkel has been designed to provide your vehicle’s engine with cooler and cleaner air for optimum performance. This means maximum airflow and potential fuel savings- all while minimising wear and tear on the engine.

Mandrel bent from 304 grade stainless steel, the one-piece construction eliminates all joins to keep the snorkel streamlined and watertight. Torqit’s 79 Series Snorkel is rear facing and angled slightly down to help prevent rain, insects and water from entering the snorkel’s mouth.

Made in Australia, this snorkel is designed to withstand rigorous off-roading and the harsh extremes of the Australian climate. Preventing dust and water intake* with a fully sealed snorkel gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your vehicle is protected and working at optimum capacity.

Set into the side of the panel for a streamlined profile, the snorkel bolts to the vehicle with two 304 grade steel brackets, laser cut with Torqit’s logo. Each bracket includes a rubber backing which protects the body paint and prevents water from entering the threads.


Stainless Steel
Brushed to a 320 grit finish at Torqit’s head office, our stainless steel option adds a distinctive look to your 79 Series build.

Powder Coated
Torqit’s powder coated option in satin black is highly durable and scratch resistant. Complementing the color of aftermarket accessories such as bull bars and roof racks, this option gives your 79 Series build a coordinated finish.

We recommend combining Torqit’s Stainless Steel Snorkel with additional products for the ultimate performance upgrade


304 Grade Stainless Steel
As premium quality steel, 304 grade stainless is renowned for its high strength, resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance. A snorkel is constantly exposed to the elements, yet the properties of 304 grade steel mean it can withstand rust and the harshest of Australian conditions.

Thick Stainless Steel
To handle extreme off-roading and rough terrain, Torqit uses steel up to 2 mm thick. The thickness maintains the structural integrity of the pipe even after bending, and means you can go off-road with peace of mind knowing your snorkel will not crack and dent.

Mandrel Bent Pipe
Torqit’s Mandrel Bender uses a flexible rod to support the pipe internally and prevent crinkling as it is bent. This one-piece construction eliminates all joins to keep the snorkel rigid, and produces a constant wide diameter with minimal bends for unrestricted airflow.

Rubber Pinch Weld and Anti-Rust Paint
To protect the guard panel from rusting, Torqit’s snorkel comes complete with clear OEM-certified paint for applying to the guard cut. A rubber pinch weld provides a final sealed finish, and also helps prevent corrosion and water leakage.


Torqit’s 79 Series Snorkel comes with a steel fitting template which bolts onto the existing factory mounts for guaranteed accuracy. We recommend allowing one hour for fitment, and an additional 30 minutes if fitted alongside our 79 Series airbox.


  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel
  • Mandrel bent pipe
  • Heavy duty laser cut brackets
  • Stainless steel/ satin black powder coated option
  • OEM-certified paint for guard cut
  • Rubber pinch weld
  • Folded steel fitting template
  • Uses existing factory mounts
  • Compatible with aftermarket roof platforms and light bars**
  • 5 year product warranty

Recommended: Pair with Torqit’s 79 Series Airbox for maximum results.

* Know your vehicle’s wading depth! While Torqit’s snorkel is designed to be watertight, the addition of a snorkel alone does not prevent water from entering/damaging your vehicle in other areas. Please check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended wading depth before undertaking water crossings.

**Torqit’s 79 Series Snorkel accommodates a 134 mm Stedi light bar, and a 1535 mm x 1385 mm Rhino roof platform. Please note this snorkel is compatible with both the single and dual cab 4.5L 79 Series Landcruiser.

Check out the video on Torqit’s Snorkels and Airboxes here.

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Additional Information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 160 × 42 × 41 cm

Brushed Stainless Steel, Black Powder Coat


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