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What the hell is a ModuleMap I hear you say? It’s Torqit’s latest performance product and essentially a DIY ECU remapping tool that lets you change the map of your ECU whenever you like without taking it to a tuner.

The ModuleMap comes with a battery stabiliser that needs to be hooked up to the vehicle while the module reads and writes to the ECU to avoid a flat battery mid-tune. The ModuleMap is plugged in to your OBD2 port and reads or downloads the vehicle’s standard map settings to the module. The module is then plugged in to your computer where you email your map file off to Torqit along with a form to fill out about vehicle information such as transmission type, whether it has other mods such as exhaust, snorkel, tyre size etc and then Torqit goes about working their magic on it before sending you back 3 new map files.

The files include the standard map settings, a cruise map setting and a sports map setting which gives you the full benefit and power. The new files are transferred from your computer to the module map and then uploaded to the vehicle the same way you downloaded the files – by plugging the module back into the OBD2 port on the vehicle and running through the prompts on screen, which can take a few minutes.

Being able to change back to the standard map settings can be handy come servicing time, and the product comes with Torqit’s 5-year warranty which is a bonus.

The Redi Cruisers Troopy was one of the first vehicles to have the ModuleMap tune done and the results on the dyno produced a 34% increase in power and a whopping 73% increase in torque at the wheels! After all the other mods we had done on this vehicle including fitting 35” tyres, the vehicle was struggling to even get in to top gear on even the slightest inclines. Now she pulls like freight train in top gear, up hills and torque of the mark is amazing. Of course, the beauty of the ModuleMap is that the vehicle doesn’t have to go on a Dyno, but we thought we’d like to see the proof anyway.


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